SHIFT Program

Are you:

  • A man between the ages of 18 and 24?
  • Looking to make a change and get off the streets; to get stable and get housed?

Hope Mission Youth Shelter’s SHIFT program can help you. Whatever your goals are, we are here to assist you – and you will not have to worry about housing or feeding yourself while you work on them!

Youth workers work alongside you to help you make the transition to go to school, prepare to work, figure out family issues, join a paid skills training program, apply to a recovery or addictions treatment program, face your court dates, get mentally or physically healthy; work off your fines; or decide what you want to do with your life. SHIFT Program offers:

  • Meals – 3 meals each day. Various food and snacks available on an ongoing basis during the day.
  • Accommodations [your own bedroom with shared kitchen, laundry and bathroom facilities]
  • An alcohol, drug, and smoke-free environment with 24 hour staff availability including non-medical Detox supervision.
  • Daily program activities including Physical Activity[YMCA pass provided], Recreation outings, Courses, Journal Groups, Bible Study, Health Workshops, Modules [individual learning], Volunteer and Work Project Service, Sunday Church services, Games Night, Movies, and Guest Speakers.
  • Individual weekly goal setting with a Case Manager. Youth select the goals they want to work on and are accountable to work towards them.
  • Contact, referrals, and appointment transportation and support/ advocacy. We can help you gain access to outside services, agencies, and programs.
  • Referral to AADAC and other treatment programs. We are not a treatment facility, but we can help you get into one!
  • Mental and physical health support and referral including Dental and Optical/Audiology care. (Mental health and other assessments as requested.)
  • Social Worker access and support
  • Phone use and limited internet time. Limited outside contact [leave pass requests are available].

To apply, or for more information, contact the HMYS Intake Office [Outreach Workers] in person at the youth shelter or by telephone at 780.422.2018 ext. 217

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