Do I have a Learning Disability?

Many people of average to above average – even GENIUS – levels of intelligence have one area of life that they find incredibly difficult: whether it is math, writing, reading, or understanding what is said to you, a Learning Difference/Disability is a difference in the way that you learn that can affect your ability to finish school, to get or keep a job, and function in your social or family life.

You may have had struggles all your life in one area, and yet never have received recognition as a person with a learning disability. Being diagnosed with a Learning Disability can help you learn to function more effectively in a world that processes information differently than you do: it can also give you rights for special provisions and accommodations from institutions like schools and employers.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta (Edmonton Chapter) is an organization dedicated to providing learning disability information to its members and to the general public. If you have questions regarding any kind of learning disability, please contact this organization and they’ll be happy to assist you:

5540 – 106 Ave (St. Gabriel’s School) Edmonton, Alberta T6A 1G3

Phone: (780) 466-1011

Fax: (780) 466-1095


I think I may have a Learning Disability and want to GET TESTED – what should I do?                                     

  • If you are over 18, you can pay a Psychologist to do a Psycho-educational assessments for you.
  •  If you are over 18 but do not have funds to pay for a psychologist assessment, or if you think your learning disability may be affecting your employment and education:
  1.  Go to Alberta Employment and Immigration [see website]
  2. Ask to see a Career Counselor
  3. Ask to be tested for Learning Disability.
  • If you are UNDER 18 years old, call 780 466-1011 and ask how you can get tested.

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