The Home Program – up to $3,000 FREE towards your down payment for taking a FREE course!

Get up to $3,000 FREE MONEY towards your down payment just by taking the FREE two session course, where you will learn about buying a home, including:

• Debt and Credit – How does my credit report and credit score affect my ability to buy a home? What can I do to improve my credit?

• Mortgages (loans to buy a house) and how they work – How do the banks and mortgage lenders determine who ‘qualifies’ to purchase a home?

• Down payments – how much do I have to have saved to put down on a home purchase? How can the Home Program help me financially with my down payment? You may qualify for $1,000 to $3,000 towards your down payment!

• Real Estate – Where should I buy? Do I need a realtor? How do I get started? Are there other programs I qualify for as well that will help me own a home?

You can search for UPCOMING SESSIONS online. It is FREE to attend!
780-420-6161 Ext. 608


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