Capital Region Housing Corporation – Programs and Services


Click HERE to access information on Capital Region Housing Corporations’ programs and services, including:

Affordable Housing (helps people who need a lower rent, by offering rental suites that are below market rent.)

Community Housing Program (subsidized rental program. It provides housing to families and individuals who have a low or modest income.)

Direct Rent Supplement Program (tenants rent from a private landlord and are given a rent subsidy from CRHC to help with their housing costs up to a maximum subsidy of $550.)

– Fixed Rate Subsidy Program

Private Landlord Rent Supplement
The Private Landlord Rent Supplement Program provides for subsidized housing in privately owned complexes. In this program, clients rent from a private landlord and they pay rent based on 30% of their gross income to their landlord. CRHC pays the landlord the difference between the agreed market rent and the subsidized rent paid by the tenant.

Crime Free Multi Housing Program

Supportive Housing Program (Support services, such as housekeeping, meal preparation, and help with medications are not provided. Tenants must be able to live independently or have their own support services in place.)

The Home Program Helps you buy your own home.

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