Leisure Access Program – FREE GYM PASS and 75% off classes and programs.


You don’t have to be rich to get healthy and fit!

The City of Edmonton offers a program for people/families who cannot afford a gym pass or recreational activities. The program gives you a free one year gym pass for City of Edmonton rec facilities. There are art programs, pottery, silversmithing, dance, athletics, golf, and MANY other programs to choose from at 75% off, plus 75% off your materials and supplies.

Click HERE to learn about what facilities are included.


The Leisure Access Program offers

  • Unlimited, free admission to participating facilities
  • 75% discount for 3 registered programs* and required supplies for adults and seniors.
  • 75% discount for 4 registered programs* and required supplies for children and youth.
  • 75% off the cost of materials for registered programs where applicable.

DO I qualify?

How do I apply?

Click HERE to see the BROCHURE

For more information:

Leisure Access Program

CN Tower
14th Floor
10004 104 Ave
PO Box 2359
Edmonton AB  T5J 2R7



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