Finishing High School – Under Age 19

ALIS (Alberta Learning Information Service) offers great advice for those 19 and under who are interested in finishing high school.

Your age

Whether you’re under or over age 20 makes a difference in your options for finishing high school. Whether you’re a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or Alberta resident also affects your options.

To find out what your choices are, take this quiz: 

Yes No  
    Are you a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident?
    Are you a resident of Alberta?
    Are you age 19 or under as of September 1 of the year you want to go back to school?

Did you answer Yes to all of the questions? See “Finishing high school through a local school board.”

Finishing high school through a local school board

If you answered Yes to all the questions in the quiz, you can expect to attend publicly funded high school free of charge until the year you are 20 on September 1.

In this case, your best option for finishing high school is through your local school board. Start by calling a counsellor at the high school you attended. If you’re no longer living in the area where you went to high school or you’ve heard about a high school completion program, call the local school board for more information. Use the listings at the Alberta School Boards Association website to contact your local board.

If you meet with a high school or school board counsellor, be prepared:

Bring a copy of your high school transcripts—the official record of your courses and marks.
Ask if your local school board offers a blended program. Through some school boards, you can complete the high school courses you need and start a post-secondary program in the same semester

You may qualify for financial support to go back to school. See “Funding your high school diploma” 


Funding your high school diploma

You may qualify for financial support to help you finish high school:

If you’re over 18 and have been out of school for a full year, you may be eligible for funding through Alberta Works.
If you’re planning to finish high school through a post-secondary program, talk to a counsellor at the school to learn how you can qualify for funding. 
If you’re planning to take a post-secondary program once you complete your high school upgrading, talk to a counsellor to see if you can get funding for both your upgrading and post-secondary programs.

Visit Financial Planning for high school students to find out more about funding for going back to school.

You may not be finishing high school the way a lot of other people do—so what? Not every one learns in the same way or at the same pace. You’re thinking about finishing school. You’re getting ready to take the first step to a brighter future.

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