Health Benefits for People with Low Income in Alberta

Alberta Adult Health Benefit

The Alberta Adult Health Benefit program supports Albertans in low income to ensure they have access to:

  • prescription drugs,
  • dental services,
  • optical services,
  • emergency ambulance and
  • diabetic supplies

Signing up is easy. Fill out one form and mail it in. See below for more information or contact us.


Show Answer What Is The Alberta Adult Health Benefit Plan?

The Alberta Adult Health Benefit plan pays for health services, such as eyeglasses, prescription drugs and dental care that are not available through standard Alberta Health Care Insurance. The health benefit plan is for individuals and families with limited incomes. It includes children up to age 18, and up to age 20 if they live at home and are attending high school. There are no fees to sign up.

Show Answer What Services Are Paid For By The Alberta Adult Health Benefit Plan?

The Alberta Adult Health Benefit plan pays for:

Dental Care

  • Basic services like extractions and fillings
  • Some additional services like teeth cleaning and annual examinations are also covered.


  • An eye exam and eyeglasses for adults every 2 years
  • Eyeglasses each year for dependants up to 18 years of age

Prescription Drugs

  • Many prescription drugs are paid for by this health plan. Some over-the-counter products, such as prenatal vitamins and children’s vitamins are also provided. Your family doctor or pharmacist has a list of what is covered under this health benefit plan.

Ambulance Services

  • Emergency ambulance trips to the nearest hospital

Diabetic Supplies

  • Diabetic supplies such as injection supplies, testing strips, lancets and penlets

Talk to your doctor, dentist, optician or pharmacist to learn what is paid for by this health benefit plan.

Show Answer Who Qualifies For The Alberta Adult Health Benefit Plan?

You and your family may qualify for the AAHB if:

  • You are pregnant and you have limited income
  • You have high ongoing prescription drug needs, and limited income
  • You leave Income Support and you have income from employment, self-employment, or the Canada Pension Plan Disability program
  • You leave Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) and you have income from employment, self-employment, or the Canada Pension Plan Disability program.

Families must also qualify by income

If you are a single individual, you qualify for AAHB if your income is under $15,545. If you have a spouse or partner, of if you have children, your income can be higher. Look at the table below:


Maximum Qualifying Income
(effective August 1, 2008)



Single parent with 1 child


Single parent with 2 children


Single parent with 3 children


Single parent  with 4 children*


Couple with no children


Couple with 1 child


Couple with 2 children


Couple with 3 children


Couple with 4 children*


*For each additional child add $4,663

How do I figure out my income?

You can calculate your income by looking at your last income tax return.

  • Look at Line 236 to find out your basic income.
  • Add any child support you receive, which is on Line 156.
  • Subtract the amount you were taxed, which is on Line 128.

The amount left is your income. If you have trouble calculating your income, call us.


If your income or circumstances have changed significantly in the last year or if someone in your household has high health costs, exceptions may be made. Call us to talk about your options.

Individuals and families qualify if they live in Alberta

To receive health benefits, you and members of your family must live in Alberta and be Canadian citizens or have permanent residence status in Canada, and must not be receiving health benefits from other government programs.

Refugees and refugee claimants who are not receiving health benefits from any other source may also apply for this program.

Show Answer How Long Does The Alberta Adult Health Benefit Plan Pay For Services?

Every June, the Alberta government will confirm that your household income is under the qualifying income level for your family size. If it is, your household will be automatically enrolled for another year. Children 18 and 19 years old must be still living at home and attending high school (up to grade 12).

Show Answer Who Is Not Eligible For The Alberta Adult Health Benefit Plan?

Some individuals and families in Alberta already have health services paid for through other government programs and do not need the Alberta Adult Health Benefit plan. These government programs include:

Show Answer How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up is easy.

If you leave Income Support or AISH and you have income from employment, self-employment or the Canada Pension Plan Disability program, speak to your worker about enrollment.

If you are pregnant, or have high ongoing drug needs, just fill out the application form and mail it in.

  1. Be sure to sign and date the sections marked My Declaration and Consent for Canada Revenue Agency.

    The declaration section is important. By signing it, you are saying you understand everything in your application. The consent section is important because you are giving the Alberta government permission to get your income tax information from Canada Revenue Agency to verify your income. Your information will not be shared anywhere else for any other reason.

  2. Mail your application form. A postage-paid envelope is usually provided. If you do not have this envelope, then send your form to:

    Health Benefits Contact Centre
    PO Box 2222 Station Main
    Edmonton, AB T5J 5H3

The Alberta Adult Health Benefit Card

If your application is approved, you will be sent an annual health benefits card in the mail once. The card will list the names of all eligible family members and their identification numbers. You need to show this card to your doctor, dentist, pharmacist, optician or ambulance attendant each time you or a family member receives a service paid for by the Alberta Adult Health Benefit plan.

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