Housing Under $500 Per Month

Renting Spaces has an off-campus student housing listed on its website.

  • Some of the listed apartments require a person to be a student.
  • Other listed apartments do not require you to be a student: it depends on the landlord who owns the property.

Be honest from the start about your student/non student status!

You can search the available apartments by City, Area, and (if you are a student) school.

  • Use the advanced search function (light green lettering just above the drop down menu) to search for properties under $500. You can specify whether you want a roommate or not, smoking or not, pets or not, etc.

As always, we are not endorsing this particular housing search option nor the landlords who list on this service nor any other and you alone are responsible for the housing choices you make: buyer beware! This is one of many online options available to you to make your search for a place to live easier. Use GOOGLE to search for ‘apartment rentals Edmonton’ and you will see many listing websites. 

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