How to Get I.D. (Identification) in Alberta

One of the biggest barriers to obtaining services, education, employment, and housing can be a lack of I.D. Below are links to the information on how to obtain various forms of valid identification in Alberta:

Even if you know where to go to get your required peice of I.D., you may not be able to pay for it! This makes it very difficult if not impossible to obtain I.D. There is a program that can help people who are known to a homeless serving agency obtain I.D. at low (or no) cost. Here is a list of homeless serving agencies who offer this I.D. service in partnership with these registry agents.

What I.D. is required to obtain services, housing, employment, or other identification depends on what you are applying for. Click HERE for a general summary of photo I.D., supporting documents, and unacceptable documents. Always ask what will be required by the organization you are providing your identification information to BEFORE you get there.

If you are living on the street or in an unstable environment where the security of your identity might be at risk, you might decide to use an Identification Storage bank such as that offered by Boyle Street Community Services.

Remember to always use your discretion when sharing your identification with others, even if the ‘require’ it you may not want to provide it to protect your privacy. 





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