Inner City Youth Housing Project (ICYHP)

Inner City Youth Housing Project (ICYHP) serves homeless youth ages 14 to 17 who may or may not have Children’s Services status and have no other viable and appropriate place to live.

ICYHP clients include but are not limited to youth who are:
  • street-involved
  • high risk
  • suffering from mental health concerns
  • experiencing substance abuse issues
  • victims of sexual exploitation
  • victims of unstable family backgrounds (transient, addictions issues, etc.)
  • victims of poverty
  • victims of family violence
  • Aboriginal, Immigrant and Refugee populations
  • LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer)
  • and are otherwise homeless.

Due to our single-staffing model, ICYHP is unable to accommodate clients who:

  • Require one-to-one services (due to health-care concerns, mental health issues, etc.)
  • Have an extensive history of violent behavior (physical, sexual, gang involvement, weapons charges).



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