Satellite House

Satellite House

Our Goals…

  • Provide safe, secure, interim housing for adult males;
  • Assist them in addressing their basic needs and begin the stablization process; and
  • Focus on harm reduction – realizing that everyone should be able to access safe permanent housing.

Admission Criteria…

  • Adult males experiencing homelessness who are willing to work with their Housing First Team to secure stable, permanent housing.

Staff Model…

Satellite House is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Workers assist individuals in meeting their basic needs, provide support and encouragement.  The Satellite House workers and Housing First Teams, along with Homeward Trust, work collaboratively to address the needs of the individual to support their transition from interim to permanent housing.


Satellite House accepts referrals from Homeward Trust.  Appropriate referrals include individuals at the intake phase of the housing first program, who are awaiting housing and require short term accommodations as well as clients who have experienced eviction and are in the process of re-housing.

Residents are considered to be low needs but still require some assistance to prepare for independent living.

Check out the Satellite House website HERE.

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