Fine Options Program: work off your fines instead of paying them or going to jail.

The Fine Option Program allows you to work off your fines by performing community work service when you cannot pay your fines and would normally have to serve time in jail for default.

  • Not all fines are eligible to be worked off in the program.
  • Contact your local probation office for more details.

How much money do I make towards my fines for the time I work?

  • Every hour you perform community service earns you the minimum wage hourly rate of pay towards the fines you owe.
  • The amount you owe is divided by the minimum wage to determine the number of hours you must work to pay off your fines.
  • You can choose to perform community work service instead of the cash payment of fines.
  • If you already have some money you want to pay towards what you owe, you can pay what you can towards you owed fines, and then arrange to perform community work service towards the remaining amount you owe.

What if I don’t want to put the money I earn towards my fines?

  • The money you earn is put directly onto the money you owe: you are not given a pay cheque.
  • When you have worked all your required hours – the court is given a voucher for the hours you work to pay off your owed fines.

What kind of work will I do? Can I choose where I perform my community work?

  • Click HERE for more information on community corrections work.
  • Offenders are assigned to an agency to complete the hours needed to pay their fines. 
  • Some people perform their work service at agencies, such as the Edmonton Native Healing Centre. If this interests you, there is more information online HERE.

What if I have fines? Do I have fines? 

Here are some links to more information on the Fine Options program:

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