Heart of Boyle Street

The Boyle Street Community League is just plain awesome. They have such a huge variety of activities for members and also drop in low cost activities including (but not limited to): Yoga Belly Dancing Zumba Art Competitions Movie Nights Drop In Basketball Drop In Badminton Basic Computer Classes Guitar Lessons Drop in fees are often … Continue reading

Inner City Recreation

Delicious!: we pickled carrots and canned beets as a part of Inner City Recreation’s activities during the month of October The Bissel Centre has a program called Inner City Recreation which facilitates a broad range of recreation programs (individual and team sports, visits to cultural events and facilities, and outdoor pursuits). The program is focused … Continue reading

Affordable Sport for Children and Youth

The Edmonton Sport Council lists organizations and options to help children and youth access affordable sport and fitness opportunities. Click HERE for more information. They also provide information on Childcare and the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit for youth under age 16 HERE.