Youth Charged or Found Guilty of a Crime

If you are 12-17 years old, and have been charged or found guilty of a Crime, here are some links that may be helpful: Resources and Supports BearPaw Youth Criminal Justice Resource Centre (has videos and podcasts) Programs for Young Offenders (Solicitor General) Edmonton Public Schools programming for Young Offenders Young Offender therapy, counseling, life skills  Edmonton Young Offenders Book … Continue reading

Fine Options Program: work off your fines instead of paying them or going to jail.

The Fine Option Program allows you to work off your fines by performing community work service when you cannot pay your fines and would normally have to serve time in jail for default. Not all fines are eligible to be worked off in the program. Contact your local probation office for more details. How much money do I make towards … Continue reading

Alternative Measures Program: Avoid a Criminal Record!

The Alternative Measures Program is an alternative to judicial (court) proceedings with persons alleged to have committed minor offences. It may be offered to first and second time adult offenders instead of a formal court process. If the individual acknowledges guilt and is interested in the program, an agreement is signed which stipulates what the offender must do to … Continue reading

How to Apply For Income Support

Alberta Human Services provides UP TO DATE information on Income Support HERE. You can find the Income Support Application Form HERE. A guide to Income Support is found HERE. CONTACT Information for Income Support can be found online HERE. Please note the below information was gathered in 2013. Please contact your local Alberta Works centre … Continue reading

Paying for Prescription Drugs When You Have No Money in Alberta

When you need to fill a prescription for a mental or physical health concern, and you do not have money to pay for it, there are a few options: If it is an EMERGENCY you may qualify for funding under Alberta Emergency Precription Drugs or services through Alberta Emergency Benefits. If it is not an emergency, … Continue reading

Do you like this blog?

The sole purpose of this blog is to share information with people who need it. Specifically, we want to help: youth in need, at risk, or who are homeless; their friends and family; their community supports (coaches, teachers, mentors, community groups, churches); and their professional supports (social workers, pastors, agencies). Feel free to share this blog … Continue reading

Free Food in Edmonton

Here are some options for hungry people looking for free or inexpensive food in Edmonton: Free or Low Cost Community Meals are listed on: Inform Alberta HERE and HERE Edmonton’s Food Bank lists community meals HERE Hope Mission’s meal schedule is listed HERE  The community meal schedule on the bottom of this blog (SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Please call … Continue reading

Free Professional and Personal Development Classes

Please find a brief list of personal/professional development opportunities for Staff and/or Clients below. If you have questions about the individual courses, please inquire directly with the organization running them. FREE COURSES: Edmonton Public Library Learn4Life (free courses on management, leadership, writing, business, computers, design, writing, etc.) Business Group Services (BGS) (free) Career planning, financial literacy, change … Continue reading