Collective Kitchens in Edmonton

Cook inexpensive great tasting meals and meet friends at a Collective Kitchen!

Collective Kitchens are groups of people who get together and cook meals together once or twice a month to have fun and save time and money while improving cooking skills. Everyone is welcome. There are kitchens that focus on cooking for families, single parents, seniors, singles, ethnic groups and new moms.

  • There are currently over 50 collective kitchens in Edmonton! [locations, dates & times of day vary] at community facilities with well-equipped kitchens to plan and cook meals.
  • A great way to learn and develop your cooking skills.
  • Group members decide when it is best to meet, usually monthly.
  • You can join a kitchen that suits you, or get help to start a new kitchen.
  • Participants bring their own containers to carry away 3-5 completely different meals, which can be frozen and used later.
  • Childcare is available at most kitchens.
  • Cost varies but is approximately $2 per person per month.

Diane Thursby

Collective Kitchens Coordinator, Alberta Health Services 

Phone: 780.735.3044

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