Collective Kitchens in Edmonton

Cook inexpensive great tasting meals and meet friends at a Collective Kitchen! Collective Kitchens are groups of people who get together and cook meals together once or twice a month to have fun and save time and money while improving cooking skills. Everyone is welcome. There are kitchens that focus on cooking for families, single … Continue reading

Fine Options Program: work off your fines instead of paying them or going to jail.

The Fine Option Program allows you to work off your fines by performing community work service when you cannot pay your fines and would normally have to serve time in jail for default. Not all fines are eligible to be worked off in the program. Contact your local probation office for more details. How much money do I make towards … Continue reading

Alternative Measures Program: Avoid a Criminal Record!

The Alternative Measures Program is an alternative to judicial (court) proceedings with persons alleged to have committed minor offences. It may be offered to first and second time adult offenders instead of a formal court process. If the individual acknowledges guilt and is interested in the program, an agreement is signed which stipulates what the offender must do to … Continue reading

Crossroads (Salvation Army) Church DROP IN CENTRE

Crossroads (Salvation Army) Church DROP IN CENTREOur Drop In Center is open during the daytime for anyone who’d like to be part of our community. They serve a hot lunch and have some great programs and a great space for creating helpful relationships. Always looking for VOLUNTEERS. Interested in volunteering? email the Drop In Centre … Continue reading

Free or Cheap Meeting Space

The City of Edmonton offers a ‘Space Finder’ service for non-profit and community based organizations! This service will help you find: Storage space Indoor active sport areas; Commercial Kitchens; Class/workshop/childcare; Office space; Art making studio space; Meeting space; Flexible, multipurpose space; and Performance/Rehearsal space. You can find a FREE or INEXPENSIVE space or list space that … Continue reading

Heart of Boyle Street

The Boyle Street Community League is just plain awesome. They have such a huge variety of activities for members and also drop in low cost activities including (but not limited to): Yoga Belly Dancing Zumba Art Competitions Movie Nights Drop In Basketball Drop In Badminton Basic Computer Classes Guitar Lessons Drop in fees are often … Continue reading

Inner City Recreation

Delicious!: we pickled carrots and canned beets as a part of Inner City Recreation’s activities during the month of October The Bissel Centre has a program called Inner City Recreation which facilitates a broad range of recreation programs (individual and team sports, visits to cultural events and facilities, and outdoor pursuits). The program is focused … Continue reading