Mental Health Services at Boyle McCauley Health Centre

Boyle McCauley Health Centre – Mental Health Services Services: The counselors provide assessment, consultation, and treatment of mental health problems, counseling, crisis intervention, advocacy, and psychiatric assessments. Psychiatric treatment following an initial assessment, if necessary, is provided. Population Served Adults aged 18 to 65 who qualify to access the Boyle McCauley Health Centre’s medical clinic. … Continue reading

Addiction & Mental Health – Inpatient Unit at the Royal Alexandra Hospital

Addiction & Mental Health – Inpatient Unit The unit is staffed by an interdisciplinary team who provide treatment and care to clients with acute addiction and mental health disorders. Treatment includes: •ongoing individual assessment •medication •counselling and •group therapy Accessing the service – more information: This service is provided on an inpatient unit with in … Continue reading

Acute Adult Inpatient Mental Health

Acute Adult Inpatient Mental Health Provide treatment for persons suffering from acute episodes of mental illness such as: •psychosis •major depression •bipolar affective disorder •delirium •dementia •generalized anxiety disorder •adjustment disorders •suicidal behaviors Concurrent medical and /or psychiatric disorders such as: •chronic neurological, •pain •other concurrent mental illnesses. Treatment of patients offers an interdisciplinary opportunity … Continue reading